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We believe job is a sacred gift from the God. It offers not only daily bread but it is the key to the social well-being that people are able to coexist peacefully in communities with opportunities for advancement.


Our mission is to create the most innovative bridge between the hard-working workers and the companies striving to make this world a better place.

Three areas of core value creation

  • Client Value - Innovative HR solutions

  • Staff/Job Seekers Value - Advancement

  • Employee Value - Well-being

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What We Do


We have a large pool candidate’s data that matches well with to your unique hiring requirements and workplace environment.

Whether you’re looking to staff accounting and finance, technology, administrative, logistic, or creative and marketing jobs,

we can send the candidate list quickly.


recruiting services

Did you know one out of two applicant will turn down the job offer due to poor hiring process managed by in-house recruiting team. Also, around 40 to 60% of new hires leave the company within the first two years. That’s why many business owners consider hiring one or more professional recruiting agencies to land good candidates quickly when trying to fill vacancies.


Many companies don’t realize that job applicants also interviewing your brand as much as you are interviewing them. So, not asking them the right questions or following vague procedures throughout screenings is detrimental to business success.


At In2u Recruiting, we make sure screening and hiring process are managed professionally. Your brand stories are delivered and sold to applicants even before a job interview. We prepare the best candidate to choose your company over other competitors.


We understand a business is as strong as its workers and that is what we do, delivering the best workers. We have industry knowledge, skills, professionalism, ability to meet customers’ demands, and resourceful. We use data driven process that includes actual stats and facts to help you make hiring decisions. But the best part of our service is that we will be the first to bring the best candidates before any other agencies can. We are fast and we will attract, motivate and recruit top talent. That’s our promise because we are in2u.


We are a fast-growing HR solution provider connecting Koreans to Korean companies' jobs in the US. We provide a wide range of recruitment and staffing services to renowned companies such as Samsung SDS, LG CNS, Hanwha, etc. We find talented workers from all over the world for the US Korean jobs and companies so they can enjoy the American dream.

Live better, new career in America!

Unemployment is at a record low in America. Now is the best time to start a new life in the US.

America has been the world’s largest economy since 1871 and is still growing stronger. While the unemployment rate is at a record low, more jobs are still being created. While many Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and SK have built or are in the process of building factories and offices in the US; these companies experience scarcity of qualifying workers.

You have courage, ingenuity and sense of adventure to live a life beyond Korea. America is built by people like you and they welcome people with pioneer spirit. You can be a single or married with family, America welcomes all. Preferably you have a college degree and have some work experience in the industries that are in high demand.

Once a client decides to work with you, IN2U will hire you as one of our employees and we will arrange all legal documents to help you move to the US. In2U will finance all costs in acquiring a work visa and permanent resident card so there is no initial cost upfront. Once you start working, IN2U will arrange a two-year payback plan so that you pay as you go without having to pay all at once.

This process will take about four weeks.


staffing service

Today, more than 16 million temporary and contract employees are hired through staffing agencies.

With each passing year, the use of temporary staffing agencies has become more and more popular. Staffing agencies allow companies to reduce hiring cost, less paperwork, allow for greater cost flexibility, and let them avoid situations where they might be under or overstaffed.


In2u Staffing Service provides over thousands of temp workers to many clients in the US. We specializes in quick and reliable on-demand labor and highly skilled workers. We supports a wide range of blue-collar industries, including warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, and retails.



Here are the 10 reasons how In2u Staffing service will help your employment needs.



We can provide the best light industry workers anywhere in the US. We are strategically located in NJ, TX, GA and TN

New Jersey Office

  • HQ: Englewood Cliffs NJ

  • Regional: Passaic NJ

  • Onsite: Piscataway and Totowa NJ


Texas Office

  • Regional: Irving TX


Georgia Office

  • Regional: Jefferson, GA


Tennessee Representative

  • Regional: Clarksville, TN

IN2U is a HR solution provider connecting local workers to local companies. We provide a wide range of staffing in local area of New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and Texas. Staffing agency in Georgia, Staffing agency in Texas, Staffing agency in New York, Staffing agency in New Jersey, Korean staffing agency.

case study

Customised Staffing Solution! IN2U delivers light industrial operating staffing strategies that help your company reduce labor cost, increase productivity and generate revenue. Read how we solved your problems.

case A:

Undocumented Workers


Company ‘A’ wanted to eliminate any
legal responsibilities associate with
undocumented workers.


First, In2U hired all existing workers from company ‘A’ and reviewed their legal stature and backgrounds. For those who qualified to work legally were kept while undocumented workers were replaced with documented.

case B:

OSHA Training


Company ‘B’ was unaware of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) mandated to all workers exposed to a hazardous work conditions.


In2U hired OSHA certified trainers who were able to customize classes to fit the need of client to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for all working men and women.

case c:



Company ‘C’ built a new manufactur
ing facility in a distant location, but
existing workers were not interested


In2U hired local workers near by the new facility and sent them to the existing manufacturing facility for a period of training. When the new facility finally opened, new staff were ready to work without disruption.

case d:

Staff Migration


Company ‘D’ wanted to reduce perma
nent positions while increasing staffing
positions. The company wanted to
keep the same workers, if possible.


In2U migrate the client workers to our payroll system. The client was able reduce overall cost while maintaining consistent workflow without hiring the new work force.


IN2u-ready hiring services

How would you like to hire workers by tomorrow morning?


In2u Ready Service is quick, easy and low-cost hiring solutions for companies urgently seeking to hire all types of labor workers including Pick-Packers, general warehouse workers, Janitors and assembly workers.


We have thousands of ready-to-work candidates with experiences you need, and they are ready to meet you as early as tomorrow morning.


In2u Ready is also affordable. Forget the 15% commission of annual salary  or 40% or more on every paycheck for staffing services. With In2u Ready Service, you only pay a fixed fee of $700 for each worker you hire. If you decide not to hire the workers, then there is no pay. It’s that simple, No hire no pay.

Please contact In2u today. We are ready to send the workers as early as tomorrow.


hr solution / consulting

Innovative HR solutions

  • Speed and quality that exceed client expectation

  • Adapt or develop new HR Technology

  • Cultivate  highly productive work culture 


  • Job placement / promotion

  • Career path planning

  • Train new skills


Promote the R-I-T-E work culture

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Team-work

  • Excellence


Step stone to personal success

  • Financially fulfilling

  • Inspirational leadership

We are in2u.

We are into your success.

We are into innovative HR solutions.


Because it’s all about you.

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