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In2u Recruiting Agency Services

Did you know one out of two applicant will turn down the job offer due to poor hiring process managed by in-house recruiting team. Also, around 40 to 60% of new hires leave the company within the first two years. That’s why many business owners consider hiring one or more professional recruiting agencies to land good candidates quickly when trying to fill vacancies.

Many companies don’t realize that job applicants also interviewing your brand as much as you are interviewing them. So, not asking them the right questions or following vague procedures throughout screenings is detrimental to business success.

At In2u Recruiting, we make sure screening and hiring process are managed professionally. Your brand stories are delivered and sold to applicants even before a job interview. We prepare the best candidate to choose your company over other competitors.

We understand a business is as strong as its workers and that is what we do, delivering the best workers. We have industry knowledge, skills, professionalism, ability to meet customers’ demands, and resourceful. We use data driven process that includes actual stats and facts to help you make hiring decisions. But the best part of our service is that we will be the first to bring the best candidates before any other agencies can. We are fast and we will attract, motivate and recruit top talent. That’s our promise because we are in2u.

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